Our current series is called Finding Trout Lake and you can find us in the Winter 2018 Recreation Guide or on the

Vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture registration page

We meet  Sunday afternoon from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm for percussion, dance, storytelling and learning about the nature surrounding us.

This is a community-engaged class. Participation, sharing and supporting the creative and critical process is everything!


We begin our journey by imagining a distant past.

Looking at the serene view of the lake with restless and dissatisfied eyes.

What can we remember? Can we imagine the land under glacial ice? How did the lake get here? Was this forested land?

How might we tell the story of this place through movement and sound? Whose story do we tell?

These are some of the lines of inquiry that we will follow during the collaborative and creative process of choreographing this unique story called

Finding Trout Lake. 



THE WINTER SERIES (a work in progress)

The following themes, generated during the fall session, will lead our creative and critical inquiry from Jan 21 through to Mar 18.

January 21 – ICE TO WATER – glaciers melting, kettle formation

January 28 – WATER TO LAKE – creeks in, creeks out

February 4 – LAKE TO BOG – sphagnum and friends

February 11- Practice day – ICE TO BOG

February 12- FAMILY DAY DEMO – Finding Trout Lake, the beginning

February 18 – BOG TO FOREST – beavers, fish, waterfowl

February 25 – FOREST TO INDUSTRY – flume, clear cut logging

March 4 – INDUSTRY TO CITY – engineering, culverts, sewers, water supply

March 11 – CITY TO PARK – Dogs, ducks, farmers’ market, bog restoration…

March 18 – FINDING TROUT LAKE – our findings


Community Verve acknowledges that we live and dance on the unceded territory of the Musqueam People.